Jet Airlines is an airline specializing in regional and business aviation.


Jet Airlines wants to develop a subsidiary of low-cost scheduled private jets. Its goal is to become the future leader in eco-friendly regional aviation in Western Europe. The brand must be defined, launched and reinsured in order to be able to launch the first sales. The first line that the customer wants to operate is Geneva-Deauville but no flights have been launched for the moment.


  • Review and implementation of the commercial, marketing and communication strategy, the flight plan, the action plan...
  • Market practical benchmarking and competitive studies
  • Definition of quick wins and a strategic and operational action plan
  • Operational support (PAC, site, communication, etc.) and search for solutions during the first season


  • Turnover of 680 K€ over the first 6 months
  • Validation of the strategy by the strategic committee
  • Partnerships developed with institutions and travel agencies for future seasons


We called on the impact consulting services in June 2021 to support us in the restructuring of the company and in the launch of a new product with high stakes.
Thanks to Rodolphe's involvement, at regular updates, we set up a strategy very quickly which made it possible to guarantee the success of the first operations. We have therefore gone from a company on the verge of closure to a fast-growing company credible with investors and industrial partners!
We have therefore decided to continue the support with impact in order to support us in our future fundraising.
P Clement, CEO Jet Airlines