With you all along the line

From the idea to the execution, we offer tailor-made support,
including direct intervention


  • How do you create an effective business action plan and measure its impact?
  • How do I make a business action plan agile?
  • How to optimize the mix off and online, notoriety and performance?
  • How to choose the best benchmark and yield tools?
  • How to optimize the place of revenue management and pricing?
  • How to set up an income integrity?
  • How to optimize direct sales?
  • How do I develop a consistent omnichannel distribution?
  • How to select the best performing distributors
  • How to develop effective prospecting?
  • How to motivate your team and optimize its impact?
  • What mix between outsourcing and internationalization?
  • What organization and tools to put in place?
  • How do I create a community of ambassadors?
  • How to select the best customer acquistion and loyalty tools?
  • Which CRM to choose and how to articulate it?
  • How do I develop really useful dashboards?
  • How to disseminate relevant information?
  • What levers to optimize management and cash flow?


  • How to develop or review the Vision-Missions-Values triptych effectively?
  • How to identify the methods to use to review your strategy: Blue Ocean, Canvass,...?
  • How to sell and communicate a strategic vision to partners (investors, institutions,...)?
  • How to articulate your growth plan? Plan and implement external or international growth?
  • How to evolve your organization towards more agility and lead teams towards the organization of tomorrow?
  • How to support the rapprochement of two entities?
  • How to establish an objective inventory of the strengths and weaknesses of the organization?
  • How to integrate digital in a fluid experience?
  • How do I use customer data?
  • How to integrate digital within the organization to gain productivity and boost communication?
  • How to organize and manage the necessary developments?
  • How to determine priority targets and appropriate offers?
  • How to manage a go to market and optimize customer returns?
  • How to optimize a multi/ omnichannel customer experience?
  • How to develop a truly differentiating offer and customer experience?
  • How to integrate the latest innovations into already busy roadmaps?
  • How to benefit from the dynamism of start-ups and how to generate innovation internally?
  • How to measure the impact and ROI of the innovations put in place?
  • How to optimize the financing tools (dilutive and non-dilutive)?
  • How to evaluate and optimize value creation?
  • What governance to put in place to manage your business

"We intervene at key moments to provide you with quick and sustainable solutions to help you meet your growth challenges, develop and transform you."

Complementary know-how for maximum impact



The broad, transversal and international expertise of the partners


An impact team operational consultants, experienced, efficient and relevant.


Our ability to move from strategic to operational, quickly analyzing a situation and providing you with the right solution.


Our network of experienced partners


The ability to mobilize and use the most advanced and adapted methods (blue ocean, mit transformation, design thinking, agile method)


Our rapid process of work: Thorough and external diagnosis, courageous and honest restitution, Cooperative and operational action plan

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