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What matters to us is the #impact of our missions to our customers, and their return.

Here is the support for the commercial implementation of the investment plan of 300 M euros of the Futuroscope realized with our partner N&C.

For 2022 more than ever, we are committed to our clients. At Impact Consultants, we have a vision of committed advice:
#Caring because we are not here to judge you, we know the difficulties you may face having experienced them from within.
#Direct and transparent because we say what we think is not always what you want to hear! But always in the perspective of confronting reality to move forward.
#Committed because we are ready to support you for every challenge you face with operational solutions and not just theoretical ones. What we recommend, we are committed to achieve, if you wish.
 At the service of the #result, and we are ready to bet a part of our remuneration on the good achievement of your objectives


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