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N&C is specialized in revenue management & pricing and offers a complete offer (advice, tools, training) for more than twenty sectors. N&C offers an innovative tool called Revbell, a SaaS revenue management platform.


At the time of COVID-19, N&C is growing and investing heavily on the Revbell SaaS tool. In order to secure the future and project a new phase of its growth, N&C needs to revise its starategy, optimize its financing and prepare its organization for this new stage.


A first mission focused on strategy and financing followed by a second mission, carried out with Arnaud Le Masne founder of Boost & Loop, which aims to structure and accelerate the growth of N&C, including the recent launch in Spain.


  • A fundraising of more than 800,000 euros
  • A validated growth plan and a reorganized team
  • First Revbell results at +70% in 6 months, +300% in 1 year
  • A first step of internationalization (partnership, recruitment of a Sales Manager, and first customers in Spain)


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