When I launched R2LAB, it was more than just a big project; it was a vague idea, desires, and intuitions. I had a desire for freedom, diversity, and the opportunity to carve my own path. I had an intuition that strategic and operational consulting, when approached with commitment, would have an increasingly significant role and real value.

I quickly realized that to move forward and build, I couldn’t do it alone. Creating a collective was essential for sharing, exchanging, and creating a broader and better experience for my clients.

To build this collective, I’ve been able to establish a network of strong, complementary, and trusted partners and consultants over the years. It’s a circle that continues to expand with people and companies I hold in high regard, those I can rely on, and with whom I can work with full confidence. This includes NC, e+p, StelR, Juliette & Marianne Yung, Brice Duthion, among others.

But to go further and create value in what we do, I felt it was necessary to take an additional step: forming an association.

It’s not an easy path. More than 50% of associations fail for various reasons. Studying these reasons and observing successful associations like those of N&C or HomeExchange, I found some key criteria:

  1. Enjoy working with each other.
  2. Share a common ambition.
  3. Shared values, as well as a similar way of working – including the same level of rigor.
  4. Complementarity.
  5. Ongoing business activities.

For an association to succeed, it also involves making compromises, listening, putting aside one’s ego, and understanding others. These are qualities necessary for progress in consulting as well.

The association is a significant step that I have recently taken with Paul de Rosen, with whom we share all these points.

I genuinely believe in the power of association, where 1+1 can genuinely make 3. It’s both easier and more challenging. We are well aware of the necessary compromises and the difficulties ahead but are also highly motivated by the ambition to share this energy with our clients and the collaborators we work with.

This is also a first step towards a larger project, an open collective that will harness collective energy.

Now and for a long time!!

Stay tuned, you’ll know more very soon!

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