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Who are you? 

I’m a Travel industry professional with a Master 2 ESCAET and a wide range of operational experience.  My skills cover customer relations, prospecting and sales (at Leclerc Voyages and Serendip), as well as training and account management (at Api & You). My experience has enabled me to develop expertise in drawing up sales and marketing action plans, and in mastering sales tunnels. 

I’m currently in charge of pre-sales at IMPACT CONSULTANTS. I also support a variety of customers, from startups to large corporations, in sales diagnosis, design and action plan missions. 

My aim is to bring a unique combination of operational knowledge and analytical skills, with competencies in project management, research & analysis, operational marketing and sales.

What are your motivations for the Travel sector?

« My professional career and my passion for travel came together harmoniously. Born with a first name that evokes the ocean, my destiny naturally turned towards tourism. » 

My choice of a career in the Travel sector stems from in-depth reflection and a genuine passion. After exploring different professional perspectives by contacting experts in various fields, I found my passion for tourism thanks to an inspiring encounter. On a personal level, travel and the discovery of new cultures are at the heart of my projects, whether backpacking or traveling by van.

My studies in this field confirmed my appetite for this professional sector, and were complemented by practical experience to quickly integrate the operational into my daily life (Api&You, Leclerc Voyages, Club Med…).

The travel sector fascinates me because of its complexity and constant reinvention. Despite the complex cartography of players and the dual face of leisure and business customers, it’s a field that demonstrates incessant agility and creativity in innovation. 

How do you make an impact?

Constructive collaboration with all stakeholders is a key issue in my day-to-day work, in order to provide the most optimal solutions to internal and external challenges.

Organization and proactivity are the driving forces behind my ability to manage the ins and outs of the projects assigned to me, and to move key issues forward.

Multitasking is my right hand, enabling me to take a broad view of the issues facing the customer.


 For over 2 years now, IMPACT CONSULTANTS has enabled me to constantly evolve towards new challenges: at the start, I was in charge of communications, and now I manage the pre-sales and marketing part of the business, as well as working on customer projects. 

Our relationship of trust has enabled me to find a satisfying balance in my life, with freedom and autonomy in carrying out my assignments.

The presence of the collective of experts represents a major added value, giving me constant access to other perspectives and enabling me to learn from the seasoned expertise of the other consultants.

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Qui es-tu !? 


Je suis une professionnelle du secteur du Travel, titulaire d’un Master 2 ESCAET et forte d’une expérience opérationnelle diversifiée. Mes compétences s’étendent de la relation client à la prospection et à la vente (chez Leclerc Voyages et Serendip), ainsi que dans la formation et la gestion de compte (chez Api & You). Mon parcours m’a permis de développer une expertise dans l’élaboration de plans d’actions commerciaux et marketing, ainsi que dans la maîtrise des tunnels de vente. 


Actuellement, je suis en charge de l’avant-vente chez IMPACT CONSULTANTS. J’accompagne également une variété de clients, des startups aux grandes entreprises, dans des missions de diagnostic commercial, design, et plan d’actions. 


Mon objectif est d’apporter une combinaison unique de connaissances opérationnelles et de capacités analytiques, avec des compétences en gestion de projet, études & analyses, marketing opérationnel, et commercial.

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