It is a dark period for tourism and travel. I think of all my former colleagues, friends and partners who are fighting for the survival of their business, regardless of its size.

One of the most difficult parameters for all of us to manage is uncertainty: how long will containment and closure last? how long before the borders reopen and trust returns

But two things are certain:

– Nothing will be the same. Whether it is the organization of work, the return to local production and a circular economy, the acceleration of digitization, etc. it will require a profound transformation of our society, our businesses and our consumption and thinking patterns.

– Nothing will replace human contact and reality. Telecommuting is effective, tools are improving, we travel with museums online but after a few days we all feel the lack

Despite the unprecedented violence of this crisis, one last thing is certain: this fantastic tourism and travel industry will survive. It allows that connection and the connection between the real world, between people. It will bend but not break.

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