Together with our clients and stakeholders, we mapped the growth topics and issues that businesses and local communities need help and impact.

The compass of this mapping is, first, the “now” growth of stocks and customers that are essential to the growth of the current year’s revenue. And secondly, the long-term growth of business investments (strategy, supply, talent, organisation, IT, partnerships
). The ultimate goal of this mapping is to ensure sustainable and bankable growth.

Often if not always, you have to have both caps in mind to develop your business or your local community. But changes in the market and the external context, as well as in the internal organization, dictate priorities and focus needs. This is the meaning of this «growth map», identify priority levers as well as impact needs.

As an example, we see today, for Q4 2021, a widespread and particularly acute need for assistance in revenue management (revenue engineering) in the fields of tourism, «travel» and mobility. The objective is to adapt the pricing policy; in an intelligent, flexible and conclusive way; to the new constraints and opportunities weighing on supply (limitations, gauges, etc.) as well as on demand (customer authorisations, distance from purchases, etc.). With our partner N&C, we have developed the right diagnostic and action tools to maximize this growth lever.

Written by Paul de Rosen

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