Arnaud Le Masne is a growth accelerator, that is to say that he works with Impact Consultants with his clients’ sales teams to boost their sales results.
For this, he reminds us that the talent of the teams is not enough but that it is necessary to build and organize the essential components of a sales team, regardless of the size of the company. Then comes the human factor and everything that recent discoveries in neuroscience have taught us in recent years.
The point on this virtuous and singular alliance based on two pillars: the organizational and the human.

The crucial question of time and rhythm

Often the techniques of «growth hacking» or other traditional sales methodologies, announce hyper fast results. Even if these methods have their virtues, they can cause disappointment.
This is the first «bad news» that Arnaud announces to his clients: no, it is not realistic to think that everything is played out immediately and that it is enough to recruit good commercial talents to sell better! It is necessary -upstream- to take the time – which is in fact a precious ally- to put in place a solid and effective strategy.

The first pillar: a strong organization as the backbone

The first step is to focus on what truly empowers sales teams: project management, mobile teams, rhythm, data… Of course, this step should take into account several criteria: in which growth phase is the company? What mission and vision does the entrepreneur have for its growth? What goal does he have in mind? International expansion? Large accounts? Establishing the components of a sales factory, searching for SQLs, the relevant use of data, organizing appointment setting, recruiting the sales team, nurturing their skills, building sales channels—these all form the essential foundation of your approach. This science of organization enables any company, regardless of its size and stage of growth, to significantly improve the efficiency of its sales force in the future by laying the groundwork to subsequently add emotional intelligence, which will generate and ensure its success. Once the context has been analyzed and we have ensured that the other pillars of the company are functioning correctly, we turn our attention to the human element and their talents.

The second pillar: the essential human ingredient

In parallel with this organization (process, methodology, rhythm) and after laying all these building blocks at each stage of the sales force, you will need to acknowledge the psychological time required for the skills development of your teams. This skills enhancement primarily focuses on « emotional, » « vulnerability, » and « relationship » aspects. Let’s take this opportunity to debunk the myth of the Wall Street Wolf, the « closer, » and reassure women that they possess all the skills to be « super sales » if we finally move away from enduring stereotypes. No, the alpha male is not necessarily the Alpha and Omega of the ideal « closer » and does not necessarily guarantee your long-term growth. One must learn to sell as a CEO would, and therefore understand the business model of the company, genuinely care about the customer, know the challenges in their industry, their difficulties—in short, return to fundamental cultural and economic knowledge that will allow your « sales » to enhance the listening quality of your sales team. Also, be willing to invest time in training your teams in public speaking, role-playing, emotional intelligence that enables them to connect with others. Accept, for example, that your product or service has limitations and may not be suitable for certain customer issues. Treat the customer as an equal, as a partner with whom your team is building a project.

In summary, it’s an attitude, a way of being, and a way of doing things that change the typical perception of the sales function: science and human elements must nourish each other over time and intelligently blend the company’s culture, data, and human factors.

The secret of success, in a way. And for the long term. #nowandforever with Impact Consultants.

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