Deconfinement is here. FINALLY! Will everything return to how it was in our lives, in every company? Or will we truly transform society and our businesses?

Our organizations and lives have adapted at a speed no one would have believed possible: remote work in a matter of days for companies; the closure of hotels, restaurants, and cultural venues within 24 hours; a shift in fragrance production to produce hand sanitizers, textiles for masks, or industrial production for ventilators; and all of us confined.

However, adapting is not the same as transforming. Adapting allows us to navigate a temporary situation. Closures will not bring back customers, and confinement only flattens the curve.

To face the future sustainably, companies and organizations need to transform themselves. Some trends are beginning to emerge, such as remote work, which will reshape relationships and management. But beyond financial difficulties, the organizations that will thrive tomorrow are the ones that have successfully transformed. To achieve this goal, four key areas seem essential to me:

  1. Meaning: In the face of uncertainty, employees will need a sense of purpose more than ever to find their way back to work, and customers will need it to choose a product or service.
  2. Agility: With scenarios never written in advance, truly agile organizations will thrive and be able to develop new services or redirect their offerings quickly.
  3. Collaboration: Transformation can only happen by involving all stakeholders, including employees and customers.
  4. Digitalization: Social distancing is accelerating digitalization, and only prepared companies will be able to face the challenges of the future.

I will have the opportunity to delve into each of these areas, their significance, and their application for transforming organizations in the coming weeks.

What do you think? Shall we discuss this further?

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