Zenride is the leader in velotaf in France.

Context :                                                                                                                  Based on promising initial growth in the number of ZenRide corporate customers, ZenRide has raised funds from new shareholders to accelerate its growth both in terms of corporate customers and the rate of adoption of the ZenRide service by employees. ZenRide called on IMPACT CONSULTANTS and its senior consultant Arnaud Le Masne to organize and secure this acceleration. 


Central mission, from corporate strategy to optimal business execution, based on genuine cooperation between ZenRide and client companies to maximize the adoption plan.
_ Arnaud Le Masne set up a sales factory to organize sales resources around targets for growth in the number of corporate customers and the rate of ZenRide adoption by employees of corporate customers.


IMPACT CONSULTANTS’ intervention enabled :
_ Organize the key account sales function
_ Objectivity of sales targets
_ Contribute to sales growth of X% in the number of corporate customers and Y% in the average adoption rate

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