Ile de France mobilités is the organising authority for sustainable mobility in Île-de-France. It is responsible for organizing and managing all public transport as well as shared transport in the territory. It is a unifying company for all players who innovate, with the aim of making mobility services more adapted and satisfactory for travelers.


Ile de France Mobilités seeks to select and develop mobility startups whose solutions have a real impact on customers and users. Ile de France Mobilités has launched a mobility challenge to select them. It also looked for partners to qualify, support and coach the selected startups.


IMPACT CONSULTANTS uses the experience of support and growth acquired, before or after the investment, in order to:

  • Secure the selection and smooth running of startup support
  • Lead startups towards successful experiments and deployments on the territory of Ile de France
  • Create the conditions for a relationship of trust with the selected startups
  • Helping startups make the best possible decisions in their acceleration phase


3 successful experiments from startups in the Ile de France territory. IMPACT CONSULTANTS was able to bring impact by securing their financing and solving the difficulties and challenges faced by young innovative companies.

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