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Vacances Bleues is a chain of hotels, clubs and residences (25 establishments, turnover of 80 M euros) in the Social and Solidarity Economy sector.


A good reputation and loyal customer base but a turnover in erosion for several years  
A drop in group and B2B sales with a team demotivated by many changes  
A little diversified distribution and a questioning of the systems used 


An interim management mission (3 days a week over 4 months) – Sales Department (B2B, B2C and Distribution) and a parallel distribution mission to formulate recommendations and implement the first actions:

  • Diagnosis of problems and growth levers 
  • Recovery in B2B sales
    Establishment of an inventory of distribution, a strategic vision
  • Recommendation for concrete actions


  • 8% increase in group sales
    A new MICE organization recommended and set up for more than 10% sales growth 
  • New open distribution channels boosting third-party distribution sales (+50%) 
  • A recommendation to set up a new booking system, channel manager and revenue management validated and implemented the following year  


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