When I launched R2LAB, more than a big project it was a vague idea, desires and intuitions: desire for freedom, diversity, to dig my furrow; intuition that a strategic and operational, committed advice would have a growing place and a real usefulness.

I quickly told myself that to move forward and build, I could not do it alone. That creating a collective was essential to share, to exchange and to build a broader and better experience for my clients.

To build this collective, I have been able to create over the years and meetings a network of solid partners, complementary consultants and trust. A circle that continues to grow with people and societies that I value, that I can rely on and with whom I can intervene with full confidence; including NC, e+p, StelR, , & Juliette, Marianne Yung, Brice Duthion...

But to go further and build by giving value to what we were doing, it seemed necessary to me to pass an additional step: the association.

This is not an obvious path. More than 50% of associations fail for multiple reasons. To have studied these reasons, and observe successful associations such as those of N&C or Homeexchange: some criteria seemed essential to me:

  • A pleasure to work with the other
  • A common ambition
  • Shared values, as well as a similar way of working – including the same level of requirements
  • Complementarities
  • Cases already launched

To be successful, the association is also to make compromises, listen, put away one's ego and understand the other. So many qualities also necessary to advance in the council.

The association is a strong act, which I have just crossed with Paul de Rosen. With whom we all agree.

I sincerely believe in the strength of the association, that 1+1 can actually make 3. It is both easier and more difficult. We are well aware of the necessary compromises and difficulties ahead of us but also very motivated by the ambition to share this energy with our customers and the stakeholders with whom we work.

It is also a first step towards a broader project, an open collective that will catalyze energies.

Now and for a Long Time!!

Stay tuned, you will know more very soon!