A-venture/IMPACT CONSULTANTS are committed together in this responsible transformation challenge. Our mission is to support the creation of innovative companies and skilled jobs on French and border territory, by contributing to the transition to more sustainable development. To achieve this goal, we bring Financingsome means and tools with companies and associations with a positive and significant societal and environmental impact. To monitor the proper execution of this mission, a mission committee measures and qualifies contributions carried out by the Company each year, verifying that they will meet the Company's mission.

We are the bearer of a responsible influence on the business growth that we accompany. Indeed, we are virtuous by design because we support startups towards a success, to theskilled employment, to thetechnological appropriation by all.

We consider that there is an urgent subject which is to contribute to the fight against global warming and organize a new growth more ecological and more inclusive!


The Business Climate Convention is an initiative that aims to help companies take action for climate and biodiversity. The ambition of the Business climate convention is to overcoming divisions and do move the lines, while putting the companies at the heart of the Transition !

150 companies are engaged in the adventure, their leaders will follow a course over 8 months to understand the climate and biodiversity mechanisms, and define the their company's roadmap to preserve them!

Volunteer organizers, leaders, planet champions, guarantors, teachers, researchers, experts... several hundred people work with high standards and kindness to make one founding and transformative event.

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