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The Company is an airline created in 2013 operating 100% business class flights between France and the United States.


  • A complete renewal of the fleet  
  • A downward trend in the average ticket price  
  • Significant shareholder pressure and an imperative need for short-term results requested by shareholders


A flash mission (1 month) carried out with our partners N&C and Perfeo–Nextia with the following objectives:  

  • A complete diagnosis with the teams – Revenue Management, Commercial and Marketing
  • Fine-grained data analysis with problem identification 
    Establishment of new levers, prioritized and quantified.  


Four major axes identified:

  • positioning, business market development, pricing, organization for an incremental turnover stake of 5% of total turnover 
  • A complete roadmap of concrete actions on the identified axes 
  • First results in 2 months with a yield increase of 15% and a complete catch-up of the delay vs budget on the current year  


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