Business Growth Plan


Tourism & Leisure


Optionizr is a start-up created in 2015 that offers options systems for travel, leisure and retail players.


A start-up incubated at the Welcome Citylab in 2016 – incubator of the city of Paris for tourism start-ups – in the seed phase
A need to refine the product in the eco-system of travel distribution
A need to find the first customers for POC before takeoff


A mission of support in immersion in the start-up with Objectives:

  • Develop a first CRM and refine customer speeches and presentations
  • Prospect to maximize exposure and sign first POCs
  • Participate in the development of the product


  • 10 prospects with interest
  • 2 POC developed within 12 months
  • An accelerated development for Optionizr which celebrated its 5 years of existence with a constantly increasing turnover

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